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( 1 ) About how much has the Earth warmed since 1880?

   A.   1 F
   B.   1 C
   C.   1.7 F
   D.   1.7 C

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( 2 ) In what year did temperatures begin being recorded on a global scale?

   A.   1880
   B.   1900
   C.   1960
   D.   1980

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( 3 ) The heat accumulating on Earth is roughly equal to...

   A.   The total heat of Miami Beach released every hour
   B.   The heat of 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs exploding every day
   C.   The heat of 1,000,000 car engines released every day
   D.   The heat of the Sahara Desert released every day

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( 4 ) Scientists believe that most of the warming since 1950 was caused by...

   A.   The total heat of Miami Beach released every hour
   B.   CO2 released from the oceans
   C.   Increased solar activity
   D.   Human release of greenhouse gases

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( 5 ) If greenhouse gas emissions go unchecked, global temperatures could eventually increase by how much?

   A.   8 degrees Fahrenheit
   B.   18 degrees Fahrenheit
   C.   10 degrees Fahrenheit
   D.   3 degrees Fahrenheit

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2545

( 6 ) If global warming exceeds 8 degrees Fahrenheit, one consequence would be

   A.   waves of refugees and destabilized governments
   B.   coastal cities flooded
   C.   Earth's capacity to support a large human population undermined
   D.   mass extinction of plants and animals
   E.   all of the above

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2546

( 7 ) The worst negative effects of human caused global warming could play out over what time frame?

   A.   Months
   B.   Dozens of years
   C.   Hundreds or thousands of years
   D.   Millions of years

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2547

( 8 ) What can ordinary people do to help reduce global warming?

   A.   Take fewer plane rides
   B.   Eat less meat, especially beef
   C.   Drive less and consolidate trips
   D.   Use green electricity and solar energy
   E.   All of the above

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2548

( 9 ) How much are ocean levels are rising today?

   A.   One foot per year
   B.   One foot per century
   C.   One foot per millenium (thousand years)
   D.   One foot per million years

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2549

( 10 ) Burning all the fossil fuels in the ground would eventually raise the sea level by how much?

   A.   1 foot
   B.   16 feet
   C.   120 feet
   D.   160 feet

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2550

( 11 ) If emissions go unchecked, what previous epoch could Earth's surface resemble where the ocean rose by 80 feet?

   A.   Holocene
   B.   Pliocene
   C.   Pleistocene
   D.   Miocene

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2551

( 12 ) How does burning fossil fuels increase global warming?

   A.   Released oxygen traps heat
   B.   Released hydrogen sulfide traps heat
   C.   Released dihydrogen monoxide traps heat
   D.   Released carbon dioxide traps heat

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2552

( 13 ) Besides how much sea levels rise, what is an even more critical issue?

   A.   The increased ocean temperatures
   B.   The rate at which sea levels rise
   C.   Rising land temperatures
   D.   Slight changes in ocean coloration

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2553

( 14 ) Climate change is backed by solid science, but what factor causes uncertainty in the rate of global warming?

   A.   Feedback loops that can intensify warming
   B.   Changes in the color of polar ice
   C.   Decreased vegetation growth
   D.   Slowed carrot growth in urban areas

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2554

( 15 ) What scientific evidence supports the predictions of global warming computer models?

   A.   The pH of ocean water samples
   B.   Current CO2 atmospheric concentrations
   C.   Paleoclimate research (past climate conditions)
   D.   The density of Greenland ice sheets

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2555

( 16 ) Since global warming is caused largely by burning fossil fuels which release CO2 into the atmosphere, which group denies that human-caused global warming is real:

   A.   The fossil-fuel industry
   B.   Politicians who accept campaign contributions from the fossil-fuel industry
   C.   Politicians whose constituents work in the fossil-fuel industry
   D.   Organizations that are funded by the fossil-fuel industry
   E.   All of the above

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2556

( 17 ) Climate deniers try to undermine the science by...

   A.   Cherry-picking climate data
   B.   Focusing on short-term blips in temperature and sea ice data
   C.   Dwelling on current weather patterns
   D.   Claiming that scientists are involved in a worldwide hoax
   E.   All of the above

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2557

( 18 ) Which has not been caused by global warming?

   A.   More frequent and intense heat waves
   B.   The price of chicken soup in Nebraska
   C.   Heavier rainstorms and more coastal flooding
   D.   More intense and prolonged droughts

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2558

( 19 ) Which could potentially see benefits from global warming?

   A.   The fish farming industry
   B.   Luxury boat manufacturers
   C.   Frozen regions that could be used for agriculture or mining
   D.   Umbrella sales in major department stores

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2559

( 20 ) The biggest cause of global warming is the burning of fossil fuels (oil and coal) for these purposes:

   A.   Lubricants for automobiles and heavy machinery
   B.   Electricity generation and transportation
   C.   Asphalt production for roads and national highways
   D.   Medicines and exotic perfumes for the global market

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2560

( 21 ) Of the several greenhouse gases, the two major ones by far are...

   A.   Carbon dioxide and methane
   B.   Oxygen and methane
   C.   Carbon monoxide and dihydrogen monoxide
   D.   Carbon tetrachloride and carbon monoxide

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2561

( 22 ) Methane is even more potent at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. Methane comes from...

   A.   Swamps
   B.   Decay of food in landfills
   C.   Cattle and dairy farming
   D.   Leaks in natural gas wells and pipelines
   E.   All of the above

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2562

( 23 ) Besides the burning fossil fuels, another major cause of emissions is...

   A.   Landfills
   B.   Volcanoes
   C.   Destruction of forests
   D.   Ocean acidification
   E.   All of the above

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2563

( 24 ) One example of a feedback loop that can intensify global warming is:

   A.   Heat causes leaves to fall, allowing more heat to strike Earth's surface
   B.   Ocean waters reflect more sun, decreasing heating
   C.   Polar ice caps reflect more sun, cooling the Earth
   D.   Melting ice darkens the surface, more heat absorbed, more ice melted

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2564

( 25 ) Why should ordinary citizens speak up about global warming?

   A.   To educate others about global warming
   B.   Politicians tackle hard problems only when voters demand it
   C.   To pressure our political institutions to address the problem
   D.   All of the above

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2565