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( 1 ) Who is Richard A. Muller?

   A.   A professor of physics at the University of California, Berkeley
   B.   A former MacArthur Foundation Fellow
   C.   Author of "Energy for Future Presidents:The Science Behind the Headlines"
   D.   A climate-science skeptic who converted because of scientific evidence
   E.   All of the above

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2566

( 2 ) Muller founded which research group to study global warming?

   A.   The Global Warming Project of Berkeley
   B.   The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature Project
   C.   Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C.)
   D.   The Global Warming Center of Berkeley

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2567

( 3 ) Muller's research group found that the Earth's land temperature has risen by one and a half degrees over the last 50 years. All of this increase is essentially attributed to what single factor?

   A.   Human emission of greenhouse gases
   B.   Variation in ocean currents
   C.   Increased volcano activity
   D.   Increased solar activity

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2568

( 4 ) Which United Nations group defines the scientific and diplomatic consensus on global warming?

   A.   United Nations Panel on Global Warming (U.N.P.G.W.)
   B.   International Global Warming Panel of the United Nations (I.G.W.P.U.N.)
   C.   The Global Warming Panel of the United Nations (G.W.P.U.N.)
   D.   Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (I.P.C.C.)

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2569

( 5 ) Global temperatures track carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, but how do scientists know how much carbon dioxide was in the air thousands of years ago?

   A.   Statistical extrapolation from modern day atmospheric samples
   B.   Dissolved CO2 at the bottom of the ocean
   C.   Air trapped in polar ice
   D.   Tree ring samples taken from around the world

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2570

( 6 ) How do scientists know that solar activity is not responsible for global warming?

   A.   Earth-bound telescopes
   B.   Tree ring samples
   C.   Satellite measurements
   D.   Ancient religious texts
   E.   All of the above

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2571

( 7 ) One factor that can increase global temperatures faster than predicted is...

   A.   Deforestation in tropical rainforests
   B.   China's continued heavy use of coal for electricity production
   C.   Increased solar activity such as sunspots
   D.   Shifting ocean currents

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2572

( 8 ) The Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project took into account all of the factors that global warming skeptics use to explain away rising global temperatures, and concluded that...

   A.   Global warming is a hoax and Earth temperatures vary naturally
   B.   Warming trends result from volcanic activity
   C.   Recent warming is a natural result of increased solar activity
   D.   Global warming is real and caused almost entirely by human activity

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2573

( 9 ) Which greenhouse gas is responsible for almost all global warming?

   A.   Carbon monoxide (CO)
   B.   Methane (CH4)
   C.   Carbon tetrachloride (CCl4)
   D.   Carbon dioxide (CO2)

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2574

( 10 ) What do satellite measurements tell us about the effects of solar activity on global warming?

   A.   It has little effect because it doesn't change the sun's brightness much
   B.   It has a major effect on global temperatures
   C.   It has a major effect only when sunspots occur
   D.   It has a major effect only in winter

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2575