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( 1 ) Programming languages can be divided into three general categories:

   A.   Organic vs inorganic, proprietary vs open, general vs domain-specific
   B.   Automated vs non-automated, proprietary vs open, organic vs inorganic
   C.   High- vs low-level, proprietary vs open, interpreted vs compiled
   D.   High- vs low-level, interpreted vs compiled, general vs domain-specific

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2576

( 2 ) Python is a _______ programming language.

   A.   Organic, proprietary, and general-purpose
   B.   High-level, proprietary, and general-purpose
   C.   Organic, open-system, and general purpose
   D.   High-level, interpreted, and general-purpose

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2577

( 3 ) Python can be used for ________ types of problem domains.

   A.   specialized
   B.   almost all
   C.   dedicated
   D.   very few

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2578

( 4 ) An algorithm is best described as a _________________.

   A.   way to solve equations
   B.   program that is compiled
   C.   set of steps to follow
   D.   program that is interpreted

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2579

( 5 ) Before using functions in the Python math module, you must first ____ it.

   A.   report
   B.   import
   C.   export
   D.   deport

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2580

( 6 ) Python's native math operators operate on what number types?

   A.   binary and decimal
   B.   positive and negative
   C.   integer and floating point
   D.   exponential and transcental

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2581

( 7 ) Python's integrated development environment is called ___________.

   A.   IDOL
   B.   IDLE
   C.   IDYL
   D.   IGOR

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2582

( 8 ) Which Python math operator raises a number to a power?

   A.   //
   B.   %
   C.   ^
   D.   **

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2583

( 9 ) Which Python math operator is used for integer division?

   A.   /
   B.   //
   C.   %
   D.   %%

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2584

( 10 ) Which Python operator gives the remainder for integer division?

   A.   %
   B.   #
   C.   ^
   D.   @

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2585

( 11 ) Windows, Linux, and Mac are examples of computer ___________.

   A.   equipment manufacturers
   B.   hardware technologies
   C.   brand names
   D.   operating systems

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2586

( 12 ) In Python, calling a math function before importing the math module causes ___.

   A.   the wrong answer to occur
   B.   a Traceback error to occur
   C.   the computer to hang
   D.   a small explosion inside the computer

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2587

( 13 ) The Raspberry Pi runs on which Linux-core based operating system?

   A.   Rhubarb
   B.   Raspbian
   C.   Raspberry
   D.   Riberry

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2588

( 14 ) Which symbol represents a Python comment?

   A.   #
   B.   /*
   C.   //
   D.   %

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2589

( 15 ) What does the Python interpreter do with comments?

   A.   Processes them like statements
   B.   Ignores them
   C.   Stores them in memory for future use
   D.   Erases them from the file

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2590

( 16 ) What is the result of this Python statement: 3==2

   A.   5
   B.   True
   C.   False
   D.   9

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2591

( 17 ) The Raspberry Pi's GPIO pins can be used for _____.

   A.   transferring data over the Internet
   B.   changing the baud rate
   C.   mechanically stabilizing the PCB
   D.   electrically controlling devices

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2592

( 18 ) In IDLE, this symbol >>> is known as the _____.

   A.   insertion operator
   B.   shell prompt
   C.   cursor input
   D.   triple arrow

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2593

( 19 ) ________ are fundamentally important to our economy today:

   A.   Robotics and automation
   B.   Open systems and specialization
   C.   Cybersecurity and intrusion detection
   D.   Copyright and trademark protection

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2594

( 20 ) Why did a Traceback error occur in IDLE after typing 'math.exp(2)'?

   A.   You misspelled the command
   B.   You forgot to comment the line
   C.   You forgot the 'import math' statement
   D.   You didn't use a floating point argument

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2595

( 21 ) The letters AI stand for what software technology?

   A.   Anonymous Intelligence
   B.   Artificial inquiry
   C.   Algorithm intelligence
   D.   Artificial intelligence

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2596

( 22 ) Python programs are also called _______.

   A.   notes
   B.   scripts
   C.   memos
   D.   scratch

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2597

( 23 ) _________ is what the underlying computer hardware understands.

   A.   Software
   B.   A script
   C.   High level code
   D.   Machine code

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2598

( 24 ) The area of a computer that executes your instructions is called the _____.

   A.   CPU
   B.   memory unit
   C.   USB unit
   D.   execution unit

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2599

( 25 ) Machine code is represented by which numbers ________.

   A.   0,1
   B.   0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9
   C.   0,1,2,3,4,5
   D.   0,1,2,3,4

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2600

( 26 ) Computers execute code in binary because ___________.

   A.   decimal code runs slower on the CPU
   B.   decimal code can't be interpreted
   C.   decimal code can't be compiled
   D.   transistors operate in two states

   "Build-a-quiz" problem ID: 2601