The rationale behind integrating computing with algebra:

  1. Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming society. Software really is "eating the world."
    Computers and software are so important to modern life, in fact, we think kids should be exposed to them earlier.
  2. Computers are terrific at computing, and by the time they hit algebra, kids are ready for computational programming concepts.
    By then they know how to use calculators, but they aren't usually aware that calculators use search algorithms to find the answers.
    So this is a natural time to introduce the concept. And learning about programming is not a pointless extracurricular exercise; it has practical implications.
    According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job outlook for software developers is for much faster growth (17%) than average for all occupations.
    And like JavaScript for the browser, Python is also widely used in industry, and it is a popular teaching language at top U.S. universities.
  3. Just as a picture is worth a thousand words, examples are worth a thousand words too. Our examples demonstrate the solving of algebra problems in code.

That said, this still-evolving page serves two purposes:

First,    BUILD-A-QUIZ    and    TAKE-A-QUIZ    enables teachers to assign more quizzes without more paper-correcting:

  • You build quizzes by selecting problem IDs from any links on the site. Quizzes can range from 1 - 100 questions.
  • Quizzes are scored automatically and a summary report is automatically emailed to you at a time of your choosing.
  • In the report, individual answers are listed, a graph tallies all missed questions, and the original questions and correct answers are provided.
  • See a sample report here. (The sample quiz represents twenty hypothetical students taking an 10-question quiz.)
  • Student identities are protected. Students use ID numbers and (optionally) their initials (not their names) to take a quiz.
  • Just for fun, try a sample quiz now. Just follow the instructions under TAKE-A-QUIZ on the HOME page. You don't need to register or sign-in.

Second,  codeALGEBRA provides example code that solves selected algebra problems using the popular Python and JavaScript programming languages.

  • Python is very widely used across multiple disciplines, including the sciences, and especially the life sciences (e.g. bioinformatics).
    Python is probably the most popular introductory programming language taught at top U.S. universities today.
    Python is free to download, and free online learning resources are available.
  • JavaScript is also free, also interpreted, and also very widely used.
    And as the programming language of the Web, JavaScript comes preinstalled on every web browser.
    That makes it possible for students to write code immediately for their own browsers, without needing to install anything.
    And JavaScript can be used with the HTML5 <canvas> element to create games, such as Game 101, that run in your browser.

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